EDIT: Donation store is back with new items (Everything is done)

We are currently working a lot on the server and haven't had time to complete the things we need to actually give you a good newsletter, so the May newsletter is postponed until later on. We are working on a lot of big changes, that is going to take more time then we anticipated.  New changes that you may see currently is Towny has been Added to the server. The lobby got a new makeover. The deco shops are in for a big change. Also the donations page will be changing slightly but have no worries you are in for a treat. We cant say much more you'll just have to wait and see....:) If you find any new bugs please dont hesitate to let us know by posting it in the forums Website/Bug Issues. Thank you for all your patience & we look forward to seeing you on the server! :) - MrC & Kitty <3